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Donalf Farms is a breeding program born from the passion Barb Malcolm and her husband Rob Atwill have for saving Canada’s national horse. The name of our family-run program honours Barb and Rob’s respective fathers, Don and Alf, who facilitated their love for horses from childhood: we wish to continue this by helping to ensure there continue to be Canadian horses for future generations to enjoy.

Donalf is located on the property of our sister-company Churchill Chimes Equestrian Centre in Stouffville, Ontario. The pairing of breeding program and riding school offers people the ideal opportunity to fall in love with the unique qualities of the Canadian horse in hand, under saddle, in harness, and in the pasture. Our “breed ambassadors” enthrall every individual who has the pleasure of meeting them and working with them. 

Barb has over 35 years of experience working in the horse industry and she believes strongly in the value of the Canadian breed. Rolo, a Canadian gelding, was introduced to her riding school and he was quickly followed by Norton, another Canadian gelding: these two incredible horses sparked a dedicated love for the breed through their endearing character, sturdy conformation, versatile athleticism, and unparalleled work ethic.


Sadly, the Canadian horse is at risk of extinction so we feel obligated to do our part in promoting and maintaining this extraordinary heritage breed. 

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