Photo:Mark Manning

Raïssa is an elegant, sweet, and curious mare. She has prior riding and driving experience, however has not been worked in a long time due to an old poll injury from before she came to us.  However, we have been successfully reacclimating her to having her poll touched and we can now remove and replace her halter with ease! (A big thank you to the work Gail Collins did with Raïssa on this task!). Every big journey is filled with many small steps. Raïssa does still have a job! In 2020, she gave birth to Donalf Neirin Harlee, who is a going concern! Raïssa has been a doting mother to the mischevious and fun little Harlee. We are so impressed with Harlee, will be rebreeding Raïssa in 2021 for a 2022 foal.



Rickey is a stunning, large Canadian mare, who is an accomplished riding horse, as well as a proven broodmare.  Rickey is a favourite among many clients of our sister business Churchill Chimes Equestrian Centre and they are thrilled to have Rickey's return to them for riding for 2021 and 2022.  Rickey just completing a 2 year maternity leave, having raised Donalf Neirin Ganache (2019), and Donalf Neirin Hennessey (2020). Both of her foals by Neirin have tall, elegant athleticism along with the correct Canadian conformation.  We hope to see more foals from Rickey after she spends some time being a riding partner, getting lots of love from all who missed her.




Bella is a beautiful and incredibly kind Canadian mare who epitomizes the calm, sweet and personable character of Le Cheval Canadien.  She bonds with and loves her human family, always making you feel special when you spend time with her.  This delightful and social personality is obvious in her first born daughter Donalf Neirin Gala (2019).  Bella represents the majority of the heritage Cheval Canadien bloodlines and is an exceptional mother.  Bella has just given birth to Donalf Neirin Iridescence (2021), who immediately showed the same social personality as her sister Gala.  Bella will be rebred in 2021 for a 2022 foal.


Sara-cropper 2.jpg

Sara is a15-year-old shy beauty who is starting to shine. Although she had a very rough start in life, she has the depth and strength of character to rise above her beginnings to become a fabulous liberty partner, "auntie" and mother. In many ways, Sara is the bravest of our Canadians, enduring and overcoming her rough start, an early and serious fetlock injury and even most recently, the tragic loss of her first foal during birth in early 2020. Through the love and partnership she has developed with devoted friend and caregiver Mackenzie Madeley, Sara is advancing in liberty work, and showing us her soft intellectual and loving nature. Seeing Sara's love for our Donalf babies as "auntie", as well as the love she showed her own lost baby, we are hoping to breed her again to allow her to raise her very own foal.



Motion is a gorgeous and charming mare with lots of personality.  Her confident and brave disposition make her a pleasure to work with.  Recently restarted under saddle, Motion is proving to be a beautiful mover and a very fast learner. We are so excited to have her as part of  our Donalf Farms family of Canadians.  Unfortunately, Motion's breeding in 2020 was unsuccessful, which is not uncommon for a more mature maiden mare.  We will try to breed Motion again in 2021 and in the meantime will enjoy her under saddle.


whisper chc.jpg

Whisper is a stunningly beautiful mare with sweet and charming demeanour.  She is quickly becoming a favourite in our riding school (with sister business Churchill Chimes Equestrian Centre) and is lovely to ride on the trail or in the ring.  Our youngest Canadian mare at 11-years-old, we plan to breed Whisper in 2022 for a 2023 foal.


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