Ray-Ann Maxx Raïssa

Raïssa is an elegant, sweet, and curious mare but has not been under saddle in a long time due to an old poll injury from before she came to us. We have been slowly reacclimating her to having her poll touched (with treats as a motivator and distraction of course haha) and she has already shown some signs of improvement. Every big journey is filled with many small steps. That being said, she does still have a job! She is in foal for next summer and we look forward to seeing her in the role of "mom" 


Sara is14-years-old and is our shy beauty. Although she had a very rough start in life, she has the depth and strength of character to rise above her beginnings to become a fabulous mare. In many ways, Sara is the bravest of our Canadians enduring and excelling despite the odds against her. An early and serious fetlock injury has kept her from excelling in under saddle work. With the love and partnership she has with Mackenzie Madeley, she is advancing in liberty work. Underneath her initial mistrust is a soft intellectual and loving girl.


Bella is a beautiful and incredibly kind Canadian mare epitomizes the calm, sweat and personable character of Le Cheval Canadian.  She bonds with and loves her human family, always making you feel special when you spend time with her.  This delightful and social personality is a obvious in her daughter Donalf Neirin Gala.  Bells has representations of the majority of the heritage bloodlines.

Shadowgate Dandy Motion

Motion is a gorgeous and charming mare with lots of personality.  Her confident and brave disposition make her a pleasure to work with.  Recently restarted under saddle, Motion is proving to be a beautiful mover and a very fast learner. We are so excited to have her as part of  our Donalf Farms family of Canadians.

Jalna Luckybud Whisper

Whipser is a stunningly beautiful mare with sweet and charming demeanour.  She is quickly becoming a favourite in the riding school and is lovely to ride on the trail or in the ring.


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