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du Coteau Heros Caramel


Caramel passed away on her own terms with her herd, shortly after 11 pm on the night of December 6, 2019. As is often the case, after showing signs of decline for a few days, she seemed considerably better that day. As fate would have it Wendy Bowden, who helped us to rescue her in the Spring and knew she was ailing, had come that day with loads of treats and organic hair products so she could have a love filled treat and spa day. Three of us groomed, spoiled and doted on her for half the day. She soaked up the love and enjoyed stud muffins and treats. 

Caramel was our kind, beautiful matriarch. She and her daughter Juliet were rescued from the likely fate of the meat truck in Spring 2019.  Caramel had wonderful old Canadian bloodlines and she produced 8 beautiful foals for Glennview in her youth, thus making a significant contribution to the Canadian breed. This lovely, generous mare spent her last eight months with us charming everyone she met and soaking in the love lavished on her. We will miss her very much.

Photos: Mackenzie Madeley & Barb Malcolm

Glennview Major Juliet


We were devastated to lose Juliet just shy of a year after her mother Caramel.  Like Caramel, we tried everything to support Juliet as her health began to deteriorate.  Unfortunately our vet believes Juliet was suffering from the advances of cancer as despite all our interventions, she was declining since the spring.  She went down suddenly the morning of October 20th, with a suspected tumour rupture and with the help of our vet, we helped her pass and rejoin her mother.  She was surrounded by her herd - including her beloved "babies" Harley and Hennessey, who she witnessed being born - as well as many of those who loved her, including Barb, Rob, Richard, and Wendy, who was able to make it just in time to comfort her in passing.  

Juliet was rescued, with her mother Caramel, from the likely fate of the meat truck, in Spring 2019.  Both mares produced wonderful foals and charmed everyone who met them, making a significant contribution to the Canadian breed. Juliet was a sweet, loving mare, who would eagerly approach you for love and affection every time you came near. She was also a loving "Auntie" to our 2020 foals Harley and Hennessey.  She spent her last 18 months with us being adored by many of our clients and friends. Juliet was never separated from her mother until Caramel's passing and we are comforted to know she is now reunited with her. 

We will miss her very much.

Photos: Mackenzie Madeley, Wendy Bowden & Barb Malcolm

Grande Manne Elvys Sara

2006 - 2022

Sara-cropper 2.jpg

Sara was a 15-year-old shy beauty who was starting to shine. Although she had a very rough start in life, she had the depth and strength of character to rise above her beginnings to become a fabulous liberty partner, "auntie" and mother. In many ways, Sara was the bravest of our Canadians, enduring and overcoming her rough start, an early and serious fetlock injury as well as the tragic loss of her first foal during birth in early 2020.


Through the love and partnership she developed with devoted friend and caregiver Mackenzie Madeley, Sara was advancing in liberty work, and showing us her soft, intellectual and loving nature. Sara's love for our Donalf babies as "auntie", as well as the love she showed her own lost baby in 2020, led us to breed her again so she could finally raise her own foal. We were devastated to lose both Sara and her 2022 foal in early 2022 despite the best efforts of our dedicated veterinarian and Sara's inner circle of caregivers.

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